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Leaps and Bounds, owned by Vicky Cadman, has an experienced and fully qualified team running the nursery ensuring the children are safe, having fun and learning the best way they can.

We know how important it is for you that the right person is caring for your child. The whole team are committed and attentive people who ensure we are delivering the best education to your child.

We make sure we keep up to date with training so that we maintain the highest standards of Early Years Education and deliver a high quality care for all the children.

About Our Nursery

Home from home

Because we believe that children should enjoy their day and all their daily experiences we provide a home from home environment where children feel confident and secure.

Healthy eating

At Leaps and Bounds believe in making meal times fun, we understand how important meal times are for the children and make these sessions as enjoyable as possible.
We make sure all the children are provided with healthy snacks throughout the sessions as well as a balanced evening meal that is provided in the afternoon sessions. We ask you to provide a lunch box for them to have in the morning sessions. We ensure that all dietary needs can be met.

Play and Activities

As play is one of the most important parts of a child's development we provide a fun and exciting range of activities and toys so that the children can interact and play whatever their stage of development.

We have a large outdoor garden and an all weather outside under cover area with decking which allows children free choice of play at all times.

Keeping you informed

At Leaps and Bounds each child is allocated his or her own key worker as we find that this is the most effective method of monitoring the child's development and needs.

In order to keep you, the parents, up to date with the development of your child we have regular progress meetings and a member of Leaps and Bounds staff is always available to talk to parents at any time. We also have a notice board with information about what the children have done through the sessions for each day at the nursery.

To further help you understand about your child's day at the nursery we run the "Marvellous Me" app, which enables us to keep parents up to date via the app explaining all about the marvellous things the children have been involved in throughout the day. Understand about your child's day at the Leaps and Bounds Day Nursery with Marvelous Me

Additional Activities

We also offer extracurricular activities such a music and movement, sport sessions and visitors such as ambulance staff, fire engine and firemen, police and a lollipop person.
Also every year we have a duck hatching activity. The children get to watch the eggs hatch and help care for the ducklings - its always an amazing experience for the children and parents.

Ducklings at Leaps and Bounds Day Nursery, Winton, Bournemouth

At Leaps and Bounds we understand the importance of trips and how they educate the children. We offer trips and outings throughout the year to for example to Farmer palmers, the oceanarium , beach and park visits as well as the local library

" I found it very difficult to find the right setting for my SEN son, he was very sensitive and shy and felt intimidated by big groups and loud noise yet when we went to look around leaps and bounds we immediately felt at ease with the friendly staff and homely feeling nursery , the support they gave us all has been so helpful and reassuring during difficult times. I could not recommend Leaps and Bounds enough!!.. They have the loveliest members of staff that all of my children adore,.. Thank you ladies for being as fantastic as you are. "

Leaps and Bounds

Leaps and Bounds, owned by Vicky Cadman, has an experienced and fully qualified team running the nursery ensuring the children are safe, having fun and learning the best way they can.

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First Class Childcare

Privately owned day nursery with high adult to child ratio

Home from home atmosphere

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